Taipei’s Dream Parade

One of the fun events every year in Taipei is the Dream Parade, put on by Taiwan’s Dream Community. Clearly influenced by such worldwide festivals as Brazil’s Carnival, New Orleans’ Mardi Gras and the Western US Burning Man extravaganza. About 60 groups marched, some in traditional costume and some just in whatever their imagination could come up with. So much color, dancing, music and creativity that it would be hard for anyone not to enjoy. The only downside is that they don’t get the word out as well as they should, meaning not as many were out on the streets as the event deserves. Nonetheless, lots of fun. Here are some images; I’ll let you make up your own captions.

National Day – Two Days Early

October 10th is celebrated (by some) as Taiwan’s National Day, as it coincides with the founding of the Republic of China. Every year, there are big events out front of the Presidential Building. Two days prior to that, what amounts to a dress rehearsal is held in the same location. For the second year in a row, we had tickets for the event. For the most part, it was a family event for me, but I did bring my camera and captured quite a few images as well. Here are some of them.