One Hour: 9 Lenses and 11 Photos

After having put my photo a day project, the Daily Someone, on hiatus, I felt I had to come up with some new ideas for my blog.  One of the two or three new types of posts will be a series of “One Hour” self assignments.  These “One Hour” assignments will be series of shots, thematically linked, and all taken within a one hour window.  All of these will be “fresh” shots, taken with the assignment in mind, not dug up from my archives.

#1:  Rows
Sigma EX 15-30/3.5-4.5 @15mm

For my first One Hour post, I decided to come up with what turned out to be a pretty difficult challenge.  I have too many lenses, nine of which see relatively regular use.  My goal was to use each of these lenses to take one photo for the set.  The exception is with the two zoom lenses I use; for those, I wanted to take two photos, one at full telephoto and one at the widest focal length.  This left me with 11 photos to take and a minimum of eight lens changes.  Well, I made it, with two minutes to spare.

#2:  Candle Attendant
Sigma EX 15-30/3.5-4.5@30mm

To do this first, One Hour, set, I headed over to Longshan Temple.  Longshan has been a photographic mainstay for me, pretty much since first arriving in Taiwan.  That being said, it has been probably close to a year since I had visited, so it was nice to get back.  Today was really quite a nice day for photography; warm, but lightly overcast.  Also helping out was the fact that Longshan was really, really busy today; that gave me lots of stuff (and people) to shoot, though it did make using the 200mm a challenge.

#3:  Nun
Sigma EX 70-200/2.8 @ 70mm

At 70mm, it wasn’t too difficult to get something, though it did feel a little tight.

#4:  Hand Signals
Sigma EX 70-200/2.8 @ 200mm

But, once I had zoomed out to 200mm, it felt like I almost had to leave the grounds of the temple to get a photo.  Even then, the photo is pretty tightly cropped.


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