A bit of an experiment for me; this is my first attempt at time lapse photography.

Of course, to those living in Taiwan, it is no secret that scooters rule the road.  I have been told that there are 29 million scooters and motorcycles in Taiwan.  A pretty amazing statistic (if true), considering that there is a population on the island of only 23 million people.  I have to admit though that it is perfectly possible that there are actually one and a quarter scooters for every many woman and child here in the Beautiful Island.  Even if the numbers are wrong, there is little doubt in my mind that Taiwan has one of the highest rates of scooter usage in the world.

The shot here was taken at the intersection of Roosevelt and Xinshang Roads in Taipei.  Just yesterday, I was sitting on a bus and kind of thinking about how to capture the mass of scooters I see crossing Roosevelt almost every day.  I kind of thought time lapse might be a good method, so here at the results.  There are 275 individual photos here, taken over the course of two green lights.  Each red light was a little over a minute long, the shutter was firing the whole time the scooters (and other vehicles) were going across Roosevelt on Xinsheng.  The sounds are simply a freebie from the net; I am not set up for sound recording yet.

The video on youtube can be viewed at 720p; if you enjoy what you are seeing please have a look at the larger version.

Streets: A Slideshow

This is done as a fun experiment.   The other day I was playing around with making a slideshow with background music of my daughter.  Well, that little project has not come close to being finished, but it did lead directly to this.  First came 30 of my photos from Taiwan, either taken in black and white or converted digitally.  Then I added  some great, great, public domain music in the form of Blind Willie Johnson’s Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground.  Finally, I had to use some free software (Picasa & NCH Software’s Video Pad Editor) to put it all together.  It all took some figuring out, but in the end I am pretty pleased with the results.  Here are those results: