Wanhua Fish Market

Well, I have been in the photographic doldrums for a bit now, so when my friend Mark suggested a trip to the wholesale fish market in Wanhua, I was all in.  When he suggested a 4am start time, I was less so, but  still enough that I sacrificed some sleep for a photographic opportunity.

I met up with David, we took a taxi to the market, where we met with Mark and took some shots.  Adjoining the fist market is a huge produce market, but the photos from this post will be limited to the fish market.

The market is where vendors from traditional markets all over Taipei get their product.  Even at 4am, the place was busy and I would be frightened to even guess how many kilos of fish were bought and sold.

Chopping off the tails.

Sitting on Crates

The auctioneer:
This guy was busy, auctioning off small crates of fish one at a time.
I am not sure if the larger lots were sold this way too, but I never saw it.

Baskets of big ‘uns.  These did not look tasty at all.

This guy had his own section; baskets were put on the scale and weighed;
I am guessing the billing was done by the computer he is showing me here.

Cutting up a big chunk of fish.

Smoking and food preparation;
in Taiwan they go hand in hand.

Again, I don’t really know how everything works,
but I think the guys in the blue hats would be the
equivalents to traders in a stock market.  You can see
the sell board in the background.

The auctioneer.

You would zonk out too if your day started well before 4:00am.

I will try to get some photos up from the produce market within the next day or so.

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  1. a nice short story with great technicals darren. that sharp, crisp lens of yours with the the extra 2-3 f stops makes all the difference. we should go back there sometimes and fiddle with our flashes :-)… looking forward to your shots from the farmers’ market.

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