the Daily Someone – October 2nd – 11th

I have been busy, had some computer glitches and some personal stuff, all of which has blocked me from posting my shots from the Daily Someone.  Well, rather than make a bunch of individual posts, here are the selects from the past 10 days, all in one.

October 2nd

Friendly Veggies
Taipei, Taiwan

October 3rd

Young Artist
Xindian, Taiwan

October 4th

Purposeful Stride
Xindian, Taiwan

October 5th

Beware of the Ghosts
Taipei, Taiwan

October 6th

On the Motorcycle
Taipei, Taiwan

October 7th

Traditional Instramentalist
Taipei, Taiwan

October 8th

Delicate Jewels
Taipei, Taiwan

October 9th

Taipei, Taiwan

October 10th

Joss Sticks
Taipei, Taiwan

October 11th

Camera club
Taipei, Taiwan

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