With Family for the Holidays

For the second straight year, I have been very lucky to be able to spend the Lunar New Year holidays with both my blood family, as well as with my in-laws’ family.  As with last year, we have all ventured down to PingTung County, where the Taiwanese family is based.  Some quick shots to share from the first day.

My mother in law, 陳貴英.  There is no doubt that she runs the house, but she does so with unbelievable generosity and kindness.
My father in law, 鍾清水.  He is a very quiet, kind man and he actually really reminds me of my maternal grandfather.  Both of my in-laws are fantastic people who have completely accepted me from day one.
My stepfather, Remie and my father in law share a bottle of Crown Royal, brought over for the New Year last year.
My mom and her granddaughter Chloe.  Chloe is more interested in something else right now.
Cousin Amy, Chloe and JuGan, the dog.  JuGan scares the Bejubus out of Chloe, but she is very intrigued with him as well.
Grandma, Chloe and JuGan.  Here, Chloe begs for JuGan’s release.

Here is hoping that everyone else is enjoying their holidays as well.