My Journeys of Faith

Earlier this week, Craig had a post showing some of his images of faith in Asia.  Craig’s post was in response to Steve McCurry’s A Matter of Faith posting, which was followed in return by David Sanger, who posted Images of Faith.  David called for other photographers to make similar blog posts; this is my contribution.

Prayers at Night
Bagan, Myanmar

I have to admit, I was quite enthused to start up this post; Faith has been a pretty constant subject in my photography and religious faith is something that I find inherently beautiful.  Finding images was not the issue, even a very cursory run through my photo library came up with way, way too many photos to post here.  Even as I write this post, I really don’t know how many photos I will include.  Doubtless it will be too many; editing things down is difficult.

Smoke Gets in Her Eyes
Longshan Temple, Taipei

For some photos, I will simply give titles, for others, I will offer some details or an opinion.  I hope you will wade through all that I post and I do hope you will enjoy. Thanks for your indulgences in what will be an overlong post.

Outside the Jama Masjid Mosque
Fatehpur Sikri, India

To my mind, one of the greatest things about houses of worship in the East is how they are not simply places to pray, but they serve as community centers.  People visit, eat, play chess and just generally live in and around the temples and mosques in Asia; I am much more drawn to the community center feeling of these places than I am to the more single use churches in the west. Here at Jama Masjid, the men spend hours socializing between prayers.

Taipei, Taiwan

Similarly, I don’t believe that you would find someone both washing his shoes, then laying them out to dry on a church’s steps, as I found at this small temple in Taipei.

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